10. Galerie-Edelsmid-Ingrid Adriaenssens

Contemporary design


Goldsmith Ingrid Adriaenssens – “The light sparkling passion”
You enjoy wearing jewelery from ring to cuff link to …. “yes” I want!
Her shop-gallery-studio is located in the heart of Ghent

Gold forging is a craft related to art. Respectful use of rich, reusable resources such as gold and silver and literally put them in your hand. It has become second nature. She makes her jewelry according to the ancient tradition of forging and casting. Enamel (molten glass) and precious stones provide color. Putting old techniques in a new light. A lasting interest in innovation gives her jewelry a sense of timelessness.

Expressing feeling and sensuality in jewelry is a constant challenge. Designing and making jewelry grew out of a passion for drawing.
She is particularly fascinated by details because they can live their own life apart from the bigger picture. She finds a guideline to give substance to that formal language in life itself and in literature.

You will find a permanent collection in the studio, but also your special personal wishes and feelings can be turned into a jewel.

Ingrid Adriaenssens Edelsmid
“HOPPE” ring gemaakt in 18K geel goud voor een brouwer. Inspiratiebron hoppescheut. (humulus lupulus-familie van de hennepachtigen) één van de belangrijkste basiselementen van bier.