The Promenade

23 participants

Professional cultural entrepreneurs in the broadest sense illustrate their concern for quality, artistic, historical, sustainable, artisanal…:  23 galleries, antique and design shops and contemporary makers are happy to invite you to their own business.


Gent Antiques Design Art grew out of the initiative of the Open Days of the Ghent antique dealers (since 1979), the Ganda XXI walking route (since 2012) and Gent Revisited (2017).
Unlike, for example, specialized fairs, where traders can rent a stand at a location far from their business, the Promenade wants to invite the visitor into the business of the 23 participants. The promenade also aims to provide visitors with new landmarks in the City, which they can visit all year round.

The visit practical:

You can start the walk wherever and whenever you want during the six days, you can follow the route or visit the locations randomly, clockwise or anticlockwise, on foot or by bike.

At plan your visit you will find all information about bicycle rental, parking inside and on the outskirts of the city and public transport.
You can pick up the boardwalk plan flyer at any participating business or download it at the top of this page.

During these six days, all participants are happy to open their beautiful spaces to the visitor and to art, antiques and design!