17. Galerie Pont & Plas

Art jewellery

Hooiaard 6
9000 Gent

In 2022, gallery Pont & Plas Ghent celebrated its 20th anniversary. Located on the corner of the world-famous Graslei and the Hooiaard in Ghent, gallery Pont & Plas offers an exceptional collection of handmade contemporary art jewellery, designed for men and women by Belgian and foreign jewellery designers of international renown.
The gallery is very accessible: all drawers can be opened by visitors, revealing a range of shapes, born from an underlying concept. The jewellery is made of various materials such as silver, gold, steel, but also urushi lacquer, precious stones, glass, and even felt, rubber and plastic.

All designers have received training over many years in academies and other art schools where craftsmanship is passed on and the sense of poetry and beauty grows. A supplementary challenge is that changing, temporary art jewellery exhibitions open the dialogue with other art branches: painting, sculpture, video, photography, ceramics, glass… all of which have a link to art jewellery. Housed in a historic building with 600-year-old vaults, the gallery is a “pearl” of tranquillity in a blissfully vibrant, living city where you can dream away for a while.

Exhibition: HOL(L)Y WOOD